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    1. Hi Jayz! I do have somewhat of an idea on both of those although I’ve never been to either of these locations ha ha ha so I can’t say for sure, but maybe it could at least be a starting point for you. As far as the banded calcite, one location is actually really close to where I live, but just on the other side of Utah Lake. If you know where the Dyno Nobel plant is over by Pelican Point just South of Saratoga Springs I would start by going up “Little Canyon” right near there and checking out any of the pits or cuts in the hills. Other people have mentioned that you can find all kinds of good stuff over there including fossils, calcite, limonite pseudomorphs after pyrite, and chalcedony. For the aquamarine, the only place I have heard of is a lot further South just Northwest of the town of Beaver. There is a place called Porcupine Ridge in the Mineral Mountains near Beaumont Basin with pegmatite supposedly containing aquamarine. If you do make it to either of these, I’d love to hear back!

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