Welcome Fellow Rockhounders!

Thank you for visiting! There are two ways to view/navigate this site:

1. You can simply read this in blog format and follow my adventures on the home page section of the site here (while referencing the “locations” page to coordinate where each of these locations lie on the map),


2. You can use this as a general reference guide by clicking any of the additional pages listed at the top for further information (locations, minerals, photos, etc.).

Please let me know if you notice any errors or if I am totally off base with anything. I am a total noob when it comes to this hobby and I am always looking to learn more and more. Please enjoy and again thank you for visiting…

Yo Yo Yo

Here’s me.

This is my first post so cut me some slack. I actually work for a web hosting company so you would think I’d have done this sooner. I only recently got into rockhounding as a hobby and noticed that many of the existing sites about rockhounding in Utah were outdated and/or no longer maintained. So here it goes…